horseback ridings in the tuscan hills

Horseback riding experience near Siena

Pan di Via invites you for the most unforgettable experience in the hills of Tuscany!


We organize horseback riding tours for both beginners and experienced riders.


Valeria will be your guide, she is horseback riding guide and instructor, and she also is a licensed nature guide (in Italy GAE), so your riding experience will be completed with a wide rage of informations about the area, hystory and local traditions. That will give you a 360-degree experience in the tuscan nature and countryside.


With Pan di Via Riding Experience you discover the wonders of tuscan hills, accompained on different kind of trails by an instructor who will always focus on leisure and safety of riders.

Our horses are suitable and trained for their job and very used to carrying even inexperienced riders!!

If you are a beginner before your first excurion, your guide will give you a little breefing riding lesson, teaching the basics, so that you can feel safe and at your ease riding this beautiful animals. 


  • Helmet*
  • long trousers
  • riding boots* / closed toe shoes

* If you do not have the equipment we can provide you with an helmet, but remember to wear LONG TROUSERS AND COMFORTABLE CLOSED TOE SHOES

!   Italian traffic laws (Art. 115 Traffic law) do not allow children under the age of 14 no ride on public roads.

So we are not able to guide riding tours with children, but if you have children under 14 years, bring them with you, we can organize am alternative activity for them, such as a nice ride on a pony in our beautiful arena facing tuscan hills.


Note: the guide reserve the right to choose the horse or pony that is more suitable for the each rider, according to the riders age, weight and riding experience.