Trekking and beyond... in Siena and Tuscany! For a unique and unforgettable experience, come and find your ancestral connection with nature!

Tuscany seems to be designed for the pleasure of those ones passionate for trekking and hiking, for people who enjoy outdoors, but also for all the people that love enjoying life and travelling to their own pace, take the time for a break from routine and the stress of living in cities.

The grace of Chianti, well known all over the world as the "Chianti Shire" where the Chianti wine is produced. The winding roads in the Crete Senesi, with their astonishing landscapes, now protected from the UNESCO, the Val d'Orcia, a sheppards' land that blend together with the slopes of the Monte Amiata, covered with chestnut and beech trees, where you can be charmed by stories of miners and charcoal burners, this is what tuscan nature is all about!

The Montagnola Senese, Val D'Elsa, Monteriggioni and San Gimignano, the Via Francigena and the wonders of Farma-Merse Natural Reserve. Come and join us discovering the deepest beauty of Tuscan nature.


grades of difficulty

EASY: the itinerary goes along dirt road, hard packed roads, broad tracks and well marked paths. The elevation gain is usually less than 500 m with a total lenght up to 10 km. Suitable even for and unexperienced hikers.

INTERMEDIATE: the route runs along paths, mule tracks and small tracks, never exposed. You may encounter different types of terrain, not always stable and even (pastures, debris, scree), and short streches  steep uphills. It is possible to meet high and uncultivated vegetation. Total length between 10 and 18 km, with overall elevation gain between 500 and 1000 m.  Excursions suitable for those who already have some experience and are accustomed to physical exercise.

DEMANDING: the route runs on all types of path and terrain, could be uneven and not stable underfoot. It is possible to find overgrown vegetation. Total lenght above 18 km and/or with remarkable overall elevation gains (over 1000 m). Suitable for explorers and experienced walkers with proper equipment: compulsory trekking boots.

Yak (multiple days excursion with backpack): the itinerary can be from intermediate to demanding gradewise, but remerk is on the fact you will be carrying your own luggage along the way.

how to chose an appropriate level

Lenght is measured using official maps and GPS devices, it is always shown in kilometres.

Elevation gain is measured using GPS devices, the number indicates the total of all the positive gains in elevation and is shown in m s.l.m (metres above sea level) 

Duration is show hours and is the average travel time, with a regular pace, excluding meal breaks. Can be found in the detail description of each excursion.

Level of difficulty is indicated for each excursion with one, two or three leaves.

The final level of complexity of an itinerary is found merging all variuos aspects, such as lenght, average walking time, kind of terrain and total elevation gain.

It important to choose a level that is feasible for your fitntess to guantee a safe and enjoyable experience to you and other participants.